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  • I looked through wiki and support etc but couldn’t find info on this, but sorry if it’s already been covered.

    I love the Pages feature in 1.5 and now use it extensively on my site (, but I’d love to be able to turn individual pages on and off from displaying. For example, once my teaching semester is over, I’d like to simply say that the three “super-Pages” I use for my three classes should be hidden (not deleted). Then I can work on them until it comes time to start a new semester when I just turn then “on” again.

    I guess it’s kind of like draf-postings, but then you cannot turn an actual posting into a draf again, can you?

    If I can already do this, please tell me how! If I cannot – please add it in the future! It would help me tremendously 🙂

    That said, thanks everyone who works on WordPress for an outstanding product!


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  • Hmm…I just looked and was surprised that there isn’t a Draft option for pages.

    One thought…do you use permalinks? If so, simply remove the part from the .htaccess for the particular page and the permalink will not longer work. Someone would still be able to get to the page by using index.php?blahblah or whatever, but how not many people are going to know how to do that.

    I guess that could work, but for me it’s probably more work than it’s worth 😉


    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Copy page contents to Notepad
    Delete page
    Create new page with new name
    and when ready, recreate page for all to see.

    Not great at all, but it has it’s benefits in giving you a draft page maybe ?

    Thanks for the suggestion podz, and yes that would work, but the idea would be to not have to leave WP at all 😉


    Yup, there should definitely be a “draft” option for pages as well as posts I think.

    You could copy the page text into a drafted post, delete the page, then just recreate it later when you want it to appear.

    Yes ceo, that would work to, but again the idea would be to not have to copy and paste and stuff. For example, I have the syllabi for the courses I teach posted as Pages. The syllabi change little between semesters and I largely teach the same coures. When a semester is over I’d like to just turn the whole group of pages off for that course so they don’t appear on the site. Then I want to be able to work on them (in WordPress without having to copy and paste to somewhere) until the next semester starts when I want to just turn the group on again (again without copy/paste).

    To me this seems like a pretty basic content management/publishing feature.

    All that said, I’m incredibly grateful that the Pages function was put in there to start with 🙂


    Oh, no I understand perfectly Magnus. And I think the draft option should be available (and probably will). But I just thought for now, that’d be easier than having to save a file somewhere – that way it was still accessible on your site and stuff.

    I actually have a somewhat similar issue on my site – but I just don’t use the page option for those pages (partially because I need the real folder available, not a virtual one), so I can easily hide them that way.

    What if you simply set a password on the page for the time being? Then no one can access them unless they know the password. Again…just a workaround for now.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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