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  • I’d like to see a feature that turns off RPC ping submission. I often go back and edit a post for a variety of reasons, but at the time of saving the already published and indexed post, I don’t want the article resubmitted to the update services I ping. What I’m thinking of is an option near the save button that defaults to ‘no update service’, but can be selected for ‘update service’ as well.

    In case of a major rewrite, instead of publishing a new post, I may want to have the edited post re-indexed. However, sometimes I’ve just published something, and upon reading it, notice a typo or realize a clearer way to rephrase a sentence: I immediately want to fix that, but I just pinged all the services.

    Right now, the only way I know of doing this is to eliminate all entries in ‘Update Services’ under Options > Writing, then save options. Then edit my already published post and save. Then I need to go back and replace my Options > Writing > Update Services RPC ping list, so that the system is ready for the next ‘first publication’ posting.

    That’s a lot of mouse clicks & cutting and pasting. In 1.5 is there a better way of doing this than temporarily deleting all Update Services entries, or is this a feature request?

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