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  • OMG! I have never installed a plugin with so much spam all over the admin screens AND menu!

    How do I turn it off to even try the plugin?

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  • If I cannot turn it off, I will deactivate and delete and warn others!

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    *Reads. Installs plugin on test site.*

    The admin messages left when I clicked them off.

    *Logs out, logs back in.*

    Still off. What’s the problem you’re having that you think is spam?

    Plugin Author Golam Samdani


    Hi @gotwickdotcom

    Sorry for your complain.
    Where I added spam all over the screen?

    Can you please mail screenshots at samdani1997 [at] ?

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

    Regards / Samdani


    I don’t understand anything but the second (maybe) and last line, so I will answer them:

    I did not say admin messages (assuming you mean in the plugins page), I said admin screens, meaning the plugin’s screens in wpadmin.

    When the plugin is first installed, on the screen that opens there is a big box that says “Hire Me” with authors contact information taking up almost the whole screen.

    Added to the menu are 2 entries for their other plugins, free and not free, both ABOVE the actual plugin options menu item.

    If that is not spam, I don’t know what is!

    I can understand the links at the bottom asking for donations and ratings, but not the in your face that is there.

    I would add screenshots, but don’t know how in this forum.

    On the wps help & user menu choice (the one listed above as the , there is a video that says “Installation, Features & Usage”.

    Started watching the video. Now I found even more!

    This video shows 2 menu items that are NOT on my menu, so I must assume it is for the paid version. Very click-baity and sneaky!

    I also do not have the advanced settings tab in the settings page as shown in the video. Either the video needs updating or else the previous comment applies. The tab shows how to adjust width and height, which is what I need to do, of course. I guess that is only in the paid version?

    At each tab’s instructions in the help page on the plugin’s website, it says this:

    “GS WooCommerce Product Slider’s Admin options available only at PRO version.” This is not explained, nor do any of the tabs say “admin” anywhere in the video nor the instructions.

    @samdani I need to send you screenshots of your own plugin?


    I thought you built it!

    Plugin Author Golam Samdani


    Hi @gotwickdotcom

    Reading your comments.
    Seems you are using only this plugin! Inside many other plugins all the information & donation link, hire info available. Even dot org also has donate link option. At Help & usage page I added all needful link. So, nothing is spammy.

    Is there any rule to add a profile pic when asking for donation or rating? Or is it your own rule?
    Am I bound to follow your rule!

    At “Installation, Features & Usage” video I tried to add details info, so you should find full version’s menu.
    At plugin’s description page I linked for pro version.
    Dumb people also understand free version has limited feature where pro version has full features.

    Finally, this is my freemium model business, not a charity.
    So free version will be lite & pro will be full featured as possible.

    No need to waste more time here.
    Lot other works to do.

    Thanks / Samdani

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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