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    Hi there – Awesome pluging – thank you!
    I am using [ratemypost] shortcode. Just a few Q’s:
    1. How can I turn off results text from displaying after someone votes (sorry, I have searched and searched in settings but must be missing it!)?
    2. Is it possible to not show cumulative results in highlighted stars (in otherwords, for a new person, show all grey stars?)
    2. Is it possible to change the colour of the Submit Feedback button?

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  • Plugin Author Collins Agbonghama


    1 & 2: Unfortunately, that’s currently not possible.

    To change the submit button color, use the css code below.

    .rmp-btn {
        background-color: #de36ff !important;
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    Hi @collizo4sky
    Thanks for the quick reply!
    It would be great if you might consider adding the possibility to turn off results display as an option. Not everyone wants to have results displayed but instead use the tool either to prompt feedback for negative reviews or social shares for positive ones….
    Just a thought!
    Cheers, Simon

    Plugin Author Collins Agbonghama


    If you upgrade to the premium version, I am happy to make an adjustment to the plugin so I can provide you a code snippet to disable the result display. Just message us when done.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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