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  • Hi!
    I don’t like the “Post Revision”-Feature at all because it creates a alot of useless database-entries.. Can anyone please tell me how to turn it off? I’ve tried to comment out some related functions but since my latest SVN-update on 12th May WordPress starts creating revisions again..

    Just an idea: Would be great to turn that feature off in the Options/Write-Settings…

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  • I don’t like post revisions because it ruins the plugin I made to display important data. I hope a fix is in order.

    @otto42, I agree with fantasycrusader. I don’t care about past posts. Referring your email-case, you don’t read your month or year old mails, do you? Ofcourse not, they render meaningless over time. I understand when you are with multi users, though as solely blogger, revisions are of no use. I think, alike, revision control plugin should be in the core.
    Thanks for the “define (‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, 0);” tip, should be a setting in the admin panel, which also a notice the user of having revisions.
    It’s not saving DB space, it’s just I don’t like data I don’t use.

    Well, the first idea I don’t like of WordPress. So good job developpers, please be aware a truly love WordPress <3. Just some control about the revisions will do.

    Why post revisions can be problematic: I sometimes revise posts on our site (center a photo, correct a typo). Today, I added a graphic to a post. Upon saving it, the change was no longer there in the editing pane, and on viewing it, the post was not found. Obviously some glitch in the database occurred, so I went into MySQL Admin to fix the post. But there was revision after revision. It will take me a while to figure out what needs to be done in there. What a mess, just to accommodate a rarely used niche feature. It’s a rare blog that has to be run like Wikipedia.

    Adding complexity (while arguing for simplicity in not offering an option to disable it) that is not needed by almost all users is just asking for trouble. And the “space is cheap” argument sounds like an attempt to rationalize lazy programming — and the WordPress programmers certainly are not guilty of that.

    i might have been a jerk but i certainly cant sleep well when i know my system is messed up but appears well. A simple button to clean up all revisions and explicitly tell wordpress that I am done with all current posts would make 2.6 a lot more usable to many loyal users. I guess it’s not hard to create a new plugin for it, but nothing is better than an original wordpress button.

    Post revisions wreaks absolute HAVOC with anyone using the organize series plugin.

    You end up with 60 or 70 revisions when writing a 5 part series which all show up in the series TOC. The posts re-number themselves as to the series part numbers randomly and have to be manually re-set.

    I want something that allows me to delete revisions when I am certain I’m done with them. The SQL database is still a little scary to me. I don’t need developers telling me that my concerns are of little consequence when they create extra work that I am reluctant to perform for obvious reasons.

    How about a fix instead of a lecture?

    I feel like in the Revisions section, each link to view a past revision should also include a “Purge Past Revisions” link, so that revisions previous to that specific one can be totally removed.

    I have a blog that uses images and is still in its infancy, so adjustments are made here and there with image sizes and typographical layout to prevent orphans, etc… All of these little tweaks result in database entries that are totally useless to me…

    If space was virtually unlimited I agree this wouldn’t be an issue, however I’m working with a 100MB database limit, and can already see that space is going to be important. Hopefully this is an option or a plug-in soon.

    I’m just starting out with WordPress, Love it btw, but found the auto-save is a big waste of space — as many have noted. I have already entered in almost 2,300 blog entries in the last few months and already I have a database with over 13,000 records!! At the end, when I get the blog fully going with over 6,000 blog entries, I can picture the database to have way more than 33,000 wasted entries just setting there in the database wasting space.

    There should be more options given on how to manage the auto-save or at least give the option to manually delete outdated auto-saved records.

    i also dislike the fact that every new post of mine has a +2/3 ID number compared to previous post.

    i am also in favor of making it easier for the user to control the setting in the admin panel somewhere.

    admin still has an option to use my-hacks.php! it is like ages old feature.

    What we can do here to show what this is doing with our records is to show here the total blog posts you have and then your latest record number for the last blog you made. Mine is at:

    Blog Posts: 2,506
    Last Blog ID: 13,577

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    There are at least 5 different revision control plugins. Use one. This isn’t going to be in the core any time soon, because most of the developers don’t see the point. Nor, in point of fact, do 99% of the people that use WordPress. Revisions have no downside except in extreme edge cases.

    Here’s a plugin to control revisions, if you actually want to do that:

    Use that.

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