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  • Is it possible to have location displayed at the end of the post simply as plain text? As in, just plain text “Washington, DC” rather than a clickable “Washington, DC” that shows precise coordinates? Also, can weather/map be turned off?

    I would like to display location a post was published from (“City, Nation”) at the end of the post in plain-text only.

    Very grateful for what you’ve built here, and apologize if the answers to the above are obvious.

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  • Plugin Author David Shanske


    That would be the Visibility option called Protected. It hides the actual location and only displays the textual description of a location. You can actually set it to Protected by default in the plugin settings page as well.

    I do have some ideas about geofencing, where it would automatically hide location if it was inside a specific zone, like ‘Home’ or ‘Work’, but haven’t built it yet.

    So, you would want to just show city, nation? That’s certainly doable and might not be a bad option to allow someone to lower the resolution on the displayed location…right now it tries to go to the address level. Do you always want this or just on some posts?

    Thanks David. In “Settings > Simple Location > Default Display for Location” I set “Protected”, but when viewing posts on the front end it hasn’t altered the display. I’m still seeing a clickable location, and it’s attempting to load a map. Here’s an example:

    Any thoughts on what might be happening? I would like it simply to display plain text, and not attempt to load a map or images.

    Plugin Author David Shanske


    It is a default. It is set on a per-post basis.

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