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  • I removed the text editor and have posts without it.
    I cannot keep it from formatting my posts, it puts p and br tags in automatically, and sometimes I have code in that cannot have breaks put in.

    How can I keep this from happening?


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  • Use the codescape plugin. It allows you to nest your code into the tag.

    Thank you, I’ll give it a try.


    I want the code processed.

    The BREAK tags I want to not happen. Its auto formatting, and I find that totally rediculous as a developer that they made WordPress to auto format with NO way to turn it off.

    I cannot believe this. For anyone who adds code for media or almost anything else it is essential to turn off formatting. If one cannot, then wordpress is useless.

    I can only assume I am missing something here. Do I need to pay someone for assistance? This isn’t meant to be rude, its just frustrating to get no assistance as a developer who would recommend wordpress if it did certain things.

    I would hate to see WordPress become a platform that isn’t usable overall and get a bad name, whether because of a lack of features or support.




    “I would hate to see WordPress become a platform that isn’t usable overall and get a bad name, whether because of a lack of features or support.”

    You must be joking, or blind, to write that.




    I really have to reply to this first paragraph off your own site:

    “As a member of the Web Standards Group I design forward compatable sites using valid xhtml and css. I also recommend that you use a content manager such as Movable Type or Expression Engine to make additions and changes to your site simple, easy, and inexpensive.
    (I no longer recommend using WordPress).”

    For starters, anyone can join the Web Standards Group.

    Secondly, one doesnt design forward compatable sites because of a membership, they design them because they want to and in spite of having a membership — that they (you, in this case) are compelled to advertise within the first paragraph, hell the first sentence of their site, even if said membership is as easy to acquire as submitting an e-mail address.

    In other words, you are full of crap.

    As for the last 2 sentences… yeah right $149.00 minimum for MT. Thats inexpensive? I dont think so. Easy to use? Tell that to someone thats trying to figure out what the hell a mime-type is when theyre trying to install a plugin.

    Again, youre full of crap there.

    Expression Engine? Uh, ok, its cheap (they have a free one), but lets see — the free version comes with NO technical support, none, nada, nilch. Want support? Be prepared to spend $99.95 at the pMachine store.

    Again, your full of shit. And terribly so.

    — Mind you, you are entitled to your opinion, but for what its worth, your opinion isnt based on facts.

    Lastly, i doubt anyone really gives a crap what you reccomend, or in WordPress’s case, dont.

    The FREE support one receives here for a FREE product is superb, especially considering the recent influx of new users and repeat questions, and I dare say, in spite of ppl like me, that arent as tolerant as some others. That you bemoan the support here, and specifically the way you do so, (in another post on your site) makes you sound like a whiny petulent child, not an accomplished web designer.

    The time and effort that the WordPress community at large gives back in designing FREE themes and plugins makes EVERY OTHER similar package look inferior. Ive looked at MT plugins and themes (extensively) — guess what WP has more, hundreds more.

    Its always nice when a request for support becomes a personal attack. Is this not going a little astray from profesionalism.
    Thanks for the assistance.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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