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  • Plugin Author pupunzi


    It will be implemented on the next release

    Plugin Author pupunzi


    In the 1.1 that feature is available.

    awesome, thanks so much for the great plugin and for adding the feature!

    Hmm, I just updated it and couldn’t find the feature. I tried to see if it was (Check to activate the opening / closing animation), but when I unchecked it and saved changes, the checkmark just returned after the page refreshed. Any suggestions?

    Plugin Author pupunzi


    Yes, my fault, I tested only the post editor customization where the feature works fine.
    Soon the update with the bugfix.

    Plugin Author pupunzi


    Just published the 1.1.1 update fixing the bug.

    yahoo! Thanks for the update.

    I noticed that you can choose whether to have both the open and close animations or neither.

    Ideally, I’d like it to have it open when you click play, but then stay open when you pause it.

    Would it be possible to have a check box for open animation and another checkbox for close animation?

    Of course, if you don’t think others will enjoy that feature, then I’ll understand if it’s not included just for me 😉

    Sorry to but in here, but having the current version default to “Always Open Full” without giving us the ability to override it – is unacceptable. The more I look at my page with LOTS of audio to play, the more the “Full Open” really tends to give the page a “Cluttered” look….
    Please give us a way to toggle these two…

    The developer is kind enough to offer us this plugin for free. If I were as generous as him, I wouldn’t appreciate receiving demands… they should read as polite requests at the most.

    If anything about his work is “unacceptable”, then of course we can make suggestions, but the reality is that we need to take it or leave it and not feel a sense of entitlement for something we’re not paying for (unless we want to pony up with a donation).

    I know sometimes it’s easy to forget how many hours it must take to develop these plugins; the generosity of the developer providing it for free always blows me away… I doubt I could do the same.

    If we pay for a premium plugin, then of course we have more entitlement and an expectation for satisfaction, but here it’s not the case.

    So now I got that out of my system, thanks Pupunzi for all your hard work.

    Plugin Author pupunzi


    You can switch between “Always Open Full” and toggle “open/close” in the plugin settings page checking the “Player animation” option.

    @joelrendall: Thank you! totally agree with you.

    Hello Joel…. It seems that you have taken it upon yourself to admonish me for using the word “unacceptable” in my previous post, so I’ll respond to you directly – as you did for my post.

    For the past month now, I’ve been building my wordpress site that relies heavily on pupunzi’s audio plugin on many pages and posts. After accepting the latest update to the player, the overall “look” of all these pages/posts changed dramatically to say the least. I was concerned that all my work might have to be “redone”, and it was in that frame of mind that I added the post here that you have taken exception to – and (after re-reading the tone of my post)I don’t blame you for what you said.

    You are of course correct in that no one should “look a gift horse in the mouth” – and my choice of words could certainly give someone such as yourself that impression. For that I apologize to pupunzi for sure.

    Please see this link for more of how I feel about pupunzi’s player:

    Also, Joel – you have made an assumption with your

    feel a sense of entitlement for something we’re not paying for (unless we want to pony up with a donation).

    comment. I want you to know that immediatly upon seeing pupunzi’s player on my page, I DID “pony up” with a donation as you suggest for the plugin – so that part of your “lecture” was based on a false assumption.

    And it was a request, not a demand, as in the last line of that post: “Please give us a way to toggle these two…”

    I’ll just leave it there for now…

    Fair enough 😉 Good luck to you with your project(s).

    Thanks Joel, glad we are good… And good luck to you also.

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