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  • This is a strong advice to all users of Elementor: turn off auto-updates (introduced in WP 5.5) for this plug-in immediately! It’s not the first time their major update causes problems, and this latest 3.0 version is no exception.

    I have lots of styling issues on my site, texts are missing and some elements are simply completely gone. Via their advice ‘refresh CSS’ (or something like that) I could restore a small display issue, but many other things were still broken. And yes, my other installs (WP, theme, plug-ins) are all up-to-date.

    Luckily I tested this new version first on a local install. But! I wonder what the testing procedure is like? It feels like it’s completely absent, or at the very least not thorough. Shame on you, Elementor developers, you’re destroying the reputation you built.

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  • Hey Cambofrizz,
    I am sorry about your experience. We actually did run an extensive testing beta period, but because there are endless configurations for WordPress and Elementor some bugs are inevitable when it comes to major updates.

    If there is anything I can help please let me know. We have released a patch fixing some of the issues, and will release another one soon.

    Hopefully, once you see it tests well on your local sites, you’ll be able to experience the true value Elementor 3.0 brings.

    Layout/css bugs still ongoing.. You can help with replacing your QA team.

    You could also help by offering a refund for this year to Pro owners as a way of taking responsibility for the consequences your buggy updates have caused to thousands of developers and site owners.

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    I just learned this lesson the hard way with 3.0.7. The update crashed my site (“There has been a critical error on your website. Learn more about debugging in WordPress.”) I had to roll back to 3.0.6.



    No plugins on our client’s website ever autoupdate, but Elementor just did. This is not acceptable for a production site – we do all updates manually in staging first.

    How do I disable Elementor’s autoupdates?

    Your auto-update broke our production site forcing me to scramble to revert to a backup in the middle of the night. I’m giving up on Elementor, too many erratic issues.



    Same issue. How do I disable automatic updates of Elementor and Elementor Pro?

    Just came here to say the same… Elementor autoupdated and broke one of our production sites. Not fun

    Same issue.

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