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  • Hi all,
    In a few words I have to set up a WP blog so that anyone on the internet can post a picture to the blog.
    More details here :
    ( blogger blog to prepare the D Day)

    The WP blog to send pictures is here :

    It will be a very special occasion too to show how powerful WP is.

    The requirements are :
    * anyone can post only ONE picture
    * anyone can make comments, without registering.

    My guess is :
    1) let people registering themselves
    2) activate this self registering feature on d day
    3) deactivate users (or delete them) on Day +1

    My questions are
    Q1) is this setting adequate ?
    Q2) how to make the “1 post per person” possible ?

    Q3 Now the question is how people can post easily, that is for people not knowing WP and that will never use it ?

    As a user of macOSX computer, I have many plugins working with iPhoto that make it easy to post.

    What about other plaforms : Macos 9, Linux , PC ? is helping me and is hosting the blog, and has offer me a nice domain name :

    Thanks for your help

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Q2) how to make the “1 post per person” possible ?

    You could check the wp cookie that is set when someone comments, and if that is present, deny the post. Of course if they delete the cookie for your site they can post repeatedly.

    Q2) how to make the “1 post per person” possible ?

    It should be possible to do this with a plugin I think. Hooking into the posting process and checking the database to see if the current user already has a post – if so denying the new post.

    Q3) I’d suggest at least installing the PhotoPress plugin. You still have to go to the “Write” panel to post, but there’s an Upload button right in the quicktags and it’s easy easy easy from there.

    Other possibility that may save you some bandwidth, though the photos won’t actually be on your server – post instructions for people to blog their photos from Flickr. Again, relatively easy for anyone who already has a Flickr account…OTOH, that would, I’m sure make it almost impossible to limit it to one per person since the cookie solution is out the window.

    PS Do you have a mailing list setup? I’ll never remember to go post a picture on 9/29 without a reminder.

    Here is the RSS feed : feed:

    Now here is the set up at the moment :

    Create six accounts ( level user 0) : africa, americas, …

    On D Day : set user level at 2, put the passwords on the blog. People can post.

    On Day+1 : set user level at 0

    Next 3 weeks : the same , every next thursdays

    Trust people for the 1 photo/person

    If not, …. more photos to see 😉

    What do you think ?

    I also have here a WP that I use for testing (site 2) :

    The real one is here (site 1)

    Site 2 will serve as a backup site. Same users that at site1, but user levels are 0. If site 1 breaks, set user levels at 2 on site2 so people can post on site2.

    sounds good ?


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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