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  • I am using Symposium as a social network frame and noticed that It would not allow profiles to be public at whether the user set it to public or not. I deactivated my plugins one by one and found that the Tubepress plugin (lets you post videos from youtube/vimo) was the culprit. Well at least I believe so, now instead of asking people to sign in to view, the page shows up as empty. Oddly enough the deactivation of tubepress causes a backslash to magically go missing in the URL. For example; instead of “http://mysite/profile/?uid=1”, I end up with “http://mysite/profile?uid=1”. The back slash after “profile” is MIA. Further more, it causes the white screen of death when one tries to log back in. I had to import an older Database backup in order to even get access to the admin area again. I have tried deleting tubepress completely and updating it with a fresh install. Is there any way it has corrupted my database? I love this plugin and it pains me that it is causing such troubles. Please, any advice would be most welcomed.

    Thank you in advance!

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  • Hi,

    I think it’s very doubtful that TubePress has corrupted your db. TubePress only uses rows in the wp_options table whose name start with “tubepress-“. Otherwise it doesn’t mess with the rest of your database.

    Presumably these issues started for you with TubePress 2.4.0?

    The changes in the URL behavior are equally puzzling, as TubePress don’t any anything with rewriting URLs.

    I guess one thing I would suggest is to definitively narrow the problem down to TubePress 2.4.0. i.e. If your site works normally with TubePress 2.2.9, and when you upgrade to 2.4.0 everything breaks. Can you confirm that?

    Hey @k2eric !
    First off, thank you so much for replying. I just tried that out and found some interesting stuff out. If I use version 2.2.5 (all they had on the site) when coupled with the old database backup, logged out members are able to see members profiles. It’s not so with the later (newer) database. The same problem persists, though, when the plugin is deactivated as stated above. The URL changes when trying to view profiles, white screen of death and all that. My inexperience here is kind of kickin my butt as I cant even imagine how this is happening. I would love to just get rid of the plugin and call it a day, but that only breaks my site. Can you think of any reason a plugin would be able to cause such mayhem upon being deactivated?

    Thanks again!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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