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  • For security and safety reasons, I keep my WordPress content folder separate from my WordPress Core files. It seems TubePress doesn’t respect the use of WP_CONTENT_DIR and WP_CONTENT_URL in the wp-config.php file, thus prevents it from rendering properly (both in the admin and front-end).

    To fix this problem, you will need to change the following code
    File: tubepress/sys/classes/org/tubepress/impl/bootstrap/FreeWordPressPluginBootstrapper.class.php
    Line: 46
    From: $tubepress_base_url = get_option('siteurl') . "/wp-content/plugins/$baseName";

    if (!defined('WP_CONTENT_URL')) define('WP_CONTENT_URL', get_option( 'siteurl' ) . '/wp-content');
    if (!defined('WP_CONTENT_DIR')) define('WP_CONTENT_DIR', ABSPATH . 'wp-content');
    if (!defined('WP_PLUGIN_URL'))  define('WP_PLUGIN_URL', WP_CONTENT_URL. '/plugins');
    if (!defined('WP_PLUGIN_DIR'))  define('WP_PLUGIN_DIR', WP_CONTENT_DIR . '/plugins');
    $tubepress_base_url = WP_PLUGIN_URL . "/$baseName";

    There is another line of code in tubepress/sys/classes/org/tubepress/impl/environment/SimpleEnvironmentDetector.class.php that also has wp-content hardcoded, but I’m not sure how this is being called and what it’s being used for, so I’m not sure how this could be fixed.

    Question: Will these issues be fixed in a later version of TubePress? I think I had to do something similar with a previous version of TubePress too (which is probably where I got the original fix from).

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