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    What I was hoping to achieve was, lets say I have a base subject for a post, but there are two parts of it that change. That I could use the tags.

    I use the auto scheduler to pop a message to my site when I’m going online to stream, but I change the game, and at the moment I’d had to go into about 8 tasks to change the gamename, the hastag, picture etc.

    I was kinda hoping maybe to have ‘tags’ so I could set the tags and the autoposter would use the tags and replace with the needed words?

    Is this at all possible, or you know of a workaround, suggestion or idea?

    Example Post
    %gameplaying% always a positive thing to do, not only do you learn, other people learn from it. %gameatplaying%

    setting post meta tags as

    %gameplaying% = #AdmittingYoureWrongIs
    %gameatplaying% = @HyperRTs

    ending up with

    #AdmittingYoureWrongIs always a positive thing to do, not only do you learn, other people learn from it. @HyperRTs


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    Doesn’t sound possible with this plugin. I guess you are talking about the Post Meta option that Auto-post action module provides. It just lets you add post meta items associated with the created posts. If you are not familiar with Post Meta, please see this link.

    You may find a plugin that does string conversions with post meta values. Usually in WordPress shortcodes are used to do string replacements. I remember there are some shortcode plugins that allow you to create custom shortcodes and those shortcodes can be replaced with your preset text.

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    Appreciate your feedback and ideas, I didn’t know there was a shortcode option, but I’ve since found a plugin and I’ll be testing it tomorrow.

    Thanks again.

    Hmmmm, while I resolved it, it would appear that I’m unable to use ‘shortcodes’ within your plugin either. 🙁

    That is a shame.

    I tried setting up a shortcode (using a shortcode plugin) and then putting

    [sc name=”testshortcodehash”] try to get computers to help you do what you are needing to do, this is really a test to see if it works, if it doesn’t I’ll delete it, I hope it does, then happy times. [sc name=”testshortcodeat”] in the subject auto post, and it did literally post what was in the shortcut.

    I don’t know if it’s wordpress, the shortcut plugin or your plugin that is not allowing it.

    I must be annoying my social media followers by now, displaying all this stuff, and then deleting it..doh!

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