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  • hannahmarieransom


    I have read so many threads on this now, but I am such a noob I don’t understand them. Then, I try to look up the stuff I don’t understand and it gives me more stuff I don’t understand. I want to cry!

    My site sucks, I’m trying to jazz up the theme, add pictures, once I do that add some plugins, etc. The problem is, it’s going to take a while so I want to either do it somewhere else or have a maintenance mode page. If you can believe it, I can’t accomplish either of these things.

    I was first trying to figure out how to work on my site with my current one live. I read a lot about subdomains, folders, databases, and stuff like that and I don’t know what ANY OF IT IS or how to make or get to any of it. I thought maybe I just need to play around on my dashboard and I’ll find the stuff, but so far that has not proved fruitful. Is there an easy step by step for someone who knows NOTHING about web stuff, or have I just gotten in over my head using

    Next, I decided to use maintenance mode plugin, but after I unzip the plugin folder I have no clue what to do. Pathetic? Yes, but I’m willing to learn I just need to start at step -1 or something like that.

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  • WPyogi


    Which plugin? Did you look at the plugin’s page or support forum?

    If you need help installing plugins go to :

    You can either clone your website on a subdomain like or install a maintenance mode plugin.

    The information at should provide all the information you need to make a copy to a subdomain — just don’t delete any of your files. The guide is meant for moving instead of cloning but the same logic applies.



    Ah that plug-in tip will help massively, thank you!

    The moving wordpress page was one that I was trying to understand. I think I am just waaaay behind on the learning curve. I want to “get” it so that I am knowledgeable and have the info for the future since I’d like to do my own web stuff, but I need a knowledge base that I don’t have.

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