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  • Hello all. I am the owner of a company that creates websites along with a few other things. That being typed, I am the owner who knows how to create mobile apps and has a partner that actually makes the PHP websites using WordPress. I am handy with XHTML and CSS and especially Objective C. What my issue seems to be is taking the content my partner created and dropped into google docs and then creating the site offline on my own machine. It is a Mac running Mountain Lion and I have installed MAMP. I just do not really know how to use it very well to take his info from google docs and run the site offline. Anyone know of a link with a basic walkthrough of how to get MAMP looking right and then inserting the content to the offline server so that I might inspect it?
    I have not felt so rookie in quite some time, so any help would be appreciated immensely.

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    Is he creating entire functional WP themes? If so, you just follow the above to install and activate the theme. If not, what format is his “content” in?

    He has taken a theme and created a website on his machine offline. He then has loaded the content that he has created into our shared google docs account. So all of the .img and css is there along with the PHP. Just trying to work with it on my own machine and troubleshoot. I have a ton of files in the docs but I am unsure how to get the info into the right places. If I have to load it piece by piece, cool. I was just wondering if there was a way to drop it into the template…if that makes any sense.

    I have looked at that link before and I guess I was unable to sort it out. I’ll take it slower and see if I can get it. Thank you for it and confirming that I am, at the least, looking in the right place.

    Plus your timely response.

    On the MAMP install, I also found the info on the MAMP website helpful — at least for getting MAMP going right. Also, note that there is a specific forum here for local install questions, so you should post further questions on that piece there.

    On the other, I’m still a bit confused as to what he is giving you. Typically, a “new site” would be a complete theme, not pieces of one. I can’t imagine how you would turn pieces into a theme unless you know exactly what you are doing. But perhaps this will be helpful along those lines:

    But if the files you have ARE a complete theme, this may be what you want to look at:

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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