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    I’m currently working on a website which will uses Events Manager and its event search functionnality.

    We would like to put the events search in one page, and then to display the result in another one.
    Unfortunately, the pages which should display the result (the Events Page in the Event List/Archives on the WordPress admin side) always ends up being a 404 error one.
    As far as I know, the events-search.php template is the only file that has been changed via the theme, and it seems kind of fine as far as I can tell. (meaning I can’t find any error in what has been written, but as it wasn’t written by myself and I can’t touch it too much to test it, I can’t be sure at all)

    I’m quite puzzled, since I haven’t understood yet how Events Manager’s event search should be used to do what we are trying to do. (are we doing it right but did we add bugs, or are we doing it utterly wrong)

    WordPress 3.4.2, Events Manager 5.2.9 and on two independant wordpress installs, the one with only runs Events Manager and our custom theme. (can’t desactivate this one since it is used to display the events search)

    PS : I know this is kind of lackluster as a first post for a help thread, but since I suspect this may be due to us doing some obvious mistake that could be corrected by RTFM-ing the right documentation, (I may have ignored it due to myself trying to maintain what has already be done) I’ll keep it at this for now and add more if you think it would be possible to isolate a bug. (if not, I’m going to redo the work myself from scratch, to be sure I know exactly what was modified and what may be wrongly done)

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    I don’t think this is covered in the manual so you’re ok 😉

    do you have a sample link?

    also, have you assigned an events page in Settings > Pages > Events List/Archives ?

    I got ahead with it a bit.

    I made the basic functionality work on a clean WordPress install with little effort.
    Here is the search page. (result being properly displayed on this results page – we want the search function to be displayed with the results, so I didn’t touch this second page)
    echo em_get_event_search_form(); in my event search page template does the job to display the search form.

    If I’m not mistaken (and I doubt I am on this), the only difference between the before mentioned install and our test environment (clone links : search page / 404-ing page expected to show search results, which is the one page set as the Event page in Events>Settings>Pages>Events List/Archives / PS: if going on those prompts you for username+password, just click cancel to go through) is our database. I suppose something went wrong with our settings for permalinks management, but I haven’t figured out a way out yet.

    On a side-note, our test server and my personal clone, both of which show the 404 problem, are running PHP 5.3.3 on Debian Squeeze, the former with lighttpd 1.4.28 and the latter with Apache 2.2.16.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    I think it’s a permalinks issue somewhere. I’m not sure what you mean r.e. the differences between the two installs though.

    one thing I do notice is that the one where it doesn’t work is containing index.php after the domain. It should still work with this, but may be a clue…

    r.e. the 404, does that page actually exist? It needs to exist to show up, and also needs to be assigned as an events page to produce search results.

    I only installed WordPress, Event Manager and our custom theme on the one working properly.
    For the one which doesn’t work, I imported our legacy database after installing the same things.
    Sorry for having been unclear on that. (English happens not to be my native language 😉 )

    I tried to touch the permalink structure on the one not working, but it prevented any page from loading (even with changes that appeared to me as being trivial), so I gave up on that for now.

    The page which should give the results does show up in the Pages, and gives a

    This page corresponds to Events Manager events page.

    when editing.

    Well, anyway, since this doesn’t appears to you as being a problem another user already had, I suppose the problem is on our side with some incorrect setting I haven’t found yet.

    (sorry for the double-post, it doesn’t seem possible to edit the previous one anymore)

    After testing it on any page that shows up properly, if we bind it as the Events Page it gives a 404, and it reverts to showing up properly if we unbind it.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    I’m assuming this is resolved then?

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