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  • I have enabled the option to upload, set all of the files types & sizes correctly. However, I ge the following error whenever I try to upload anything:
    Couldn’t upload your file to d:\hosting\teamiuz\genconblog\gencon/wp-content/washerweekend.JPG.
    I am using godaddy as a host.

    Please help.


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  • Are you sure the upload path is set correctly in your options page?

    Are you sure that directory is CHMOD’ed to 777?

    OK, How do find that out. The path in the options page lists:
    Which is was in the ‘ressomended’ area.
    As for the CHMOD’ed to 777 I believe it is. I use Filezilla to set the security at 777.

    The slashes seem all mixed up

    In the Miscellaneous options page, try specifying the path to the upload directory using backward slashes instead of forward slashes. Looks like you are on a windows server.

    I am sorry a backslash between genclonblog and gencon got eaten up by gremlins in the post above.

    jungleskipper, try using the same slash throughout to specify the upload path, try “/” first. That should work, if not, try “\”.

    In other words,
    should work, else the equivalent with backslashes should.

    I tried both forward & backward slashes. However, I got the same error.
    You are correct, I am using a windows server setup.

    Couldn’t upload your file to d:/hosting/teamiuz/genconblog/gencon/wp-content/Icon_01.jpg.


    Alright then, does that directory “wp-content” have upload permissions set? (try 777 if all else fails, just to make sure it is not some weird problem, and then work your way down)

    I use Filezilla to set ‘777’. However, when Iopen the folder up again to check permissions, it is reset to ‘000’



    is the best I can do for you,

    you could also get in touch with your host and ask them about this permission problem.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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