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  • I followed the instructions provided, got the ok screen on the wp-config.php file, got to my site, and it’s the same. It still says I need to upgrade. I spent almost 2 hours making sure I followed all the directions. I don’t know what else to do at this point. I am not a programmer…

    I did a manual install via Filezilla. Or does it just take a while to settle in? What is the problem? I could use some help.

    Oh…I got the original WP through my host. (one-click) They offer no help in upgrading. Should I just delete my WP from their server and do the one-click again for their upgrade?

    Thank you in advance

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  • Did you run the /wp-admin/upgrade.php file? If so, what does it say when you go there?

    No. I didn’t see that in the instructions. (I printed them out). I updated the wp-config.php sample file. How do I run the one you’re talking about?

    I apologize. That is in the instructions. (it’s late, I’m going blind.)
    When I finished uploading everything, I got a screen that led me to my admin on the dashboard, but no further instructions. Did I miss something?

    what is the url to your wordpress blog?

    ok, well youre not running 2.8.2 so whatever you did, you didnt do it right.

    what instructions did you follow, specifically?

    if you shoot me an email — ill do the upgrade for you, and explain what you did wrong, after I take a look.

    These are the instructions I followed from this link:

    Step 1: Replace WordPress files
    Get the latest WordPress. Either download and extract it to your computer or download it directly to the server.
    As a reminder, to extract a tar.gz to a folder use this command, replacing (folder name) with the name of your folder: tar -xvzf latest.tar.gz -C ./(folder name)
    Delete your old wp-includes and wp-admin directories.
    Copy the new WordPress files to your server, overwriting old files in the root, except perhaps the wp-content folder (see “NOTE” below). You may use FTP or shell commands to do so. Note that this means *all* the files, including all the files in the root directory as well. If you use the default or classic theme and have customized it, then you can skip that theme.
    NOTE The wp-content folder requires special handling, as do the plugins and themes folders. You should copy over the contents of these folders, not the entire folder. In some cases, copying the entire folder may overwrite all your customizations and added content.

    Also take care to preserve the content of the wp-config.php file in the root directory. This file contains current settings for your existing installation, e.g. database sign-in information. Occasionally new versions of WordPress add statements to this file. (E.g. in version 2.5 the SECRET_KEY variable was added, see Extended upgrade instructions). Compare your existing file with the new installation file which is named wp-config-sample.php. Either transfer your settings to the sample-file and rename it to wp-config.php or copy the new statements from the sample file into your current file.

    Step 2: Upgrade your installation
    Visit your main WordPress admin page at /wp-admin. You may be asked to login again. If a database upgrade is necessary at this point, WordPress will detect it and give you a link to a URL like Follow that link and follow the instructions. This will update your database to be compatible with the latest code. If you fail to do this step, your blog might look funny.

    Step 3: Do something nice for yourself
    If you have caching enabled, your changes will appear to users more immediately if you clear the cache at this point (and if you don’t, you may get confused when you see the old version number in page footers when you check to see if the upgrade worked).

    Your WordPress installation is successfully upgraded. That’s as simple as we can make it without Updating WordPress Using Subversion.

    Consider rewarding yourself with a blog post about the upgrade, reading that book or article you’ve been putting off, or simply sitting back for a few moments and let the world pass you by.

    Thank you for your offer, but I must do this myself. If you have any idea what I missed, I’d appreciate your input.

    Thanks again!

    you failed at the point of uploading the files.

    the files on your site dont reflect that you’ve accomplished that task successfully.

    what was the path to the files that you deleted and uploaded?

    if youre hosted on netfirms, their docs say your web root is here:

    /www/ <where your domain is REALLY your domain>

    is that where you are uploading to?

    I have an idea what you’re talking about, but I don’t speak the lingo as well, so bear with me.

    I unzipped the WP update files to my computer and then uploaded them to the server, to my old WP files. My domain is the root. I used Filezilla and it showed the directory called mustbeaponyinthere. I loaded files into that directory into the folders that the instructions indicated. I manually updated the php file and loaded that too.

    Are you able to see the files on my site?

    the instructions you pasted told you to delete directories:

    Delete your old wp-includes and wp-admin directories.

    did you do that?

    One of the many reasons for doing that is that it insures you are actually uploading to the proper place.

    netfirms has directions for how to upload, how to use an ftp client, etc.. all that stuff on their site.

    Aditionally, this:

    …it showed the directory called mustbeaponyinthere

    is not this:


    do you see a directory named exactly that?

    Login with your ftp client. cd into www — what do you see?

    Since my blog was so new, I just went ahead and deleted the installation and installed a new one at my host’s site.

    Thank you for your help.

    Sorry, we must have been typing at the same time. I went into filezilla, where I’ve always gone to upload files. I don’t recall seeing www or http in there. But by now you’ve seen my previous message.

    I’m not a programmer, and maybe .org requires some programming skills, maybe not. But this didn’t go smoothly at all.

    3 months of posts you just lost.. wow. whatever. way to “do it yourself”.

    hitting things with a sledgehammer never works with technology.

    LOL. I copied everything. Nothing’s lost.

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