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  • Currently working on an addon that will take a list of links and insert them into the database.

    I have tried setting link_updated in my array prior to sending the call to insert or update a new link, but link_updated never gets set. It always remains at its default value.

    I have confirmed that the date I’m trying to set is accurate and not null (and is in the correct format for the db ex: 2011-04-07 00:00:00).

    $linkdata = array(
      "link_url"=> $link, // varchar, the URL the link points to
      "link_name" => $title, // varchar, the title of the link
      "link_target" => '_blank', // varchar, the target element for the anchor tag
      "link_description" => $desc, //varchar a short description of the link
      "link_visible" => 'Y', // varchar, Y means visible, anything else means not
      "link_owner" 	=> '1', // integer, a user ID
      "link_updated" => $fullDate, // datetime, when the link was last updated
      "link_category" => $term_id // int, the term ID of the link category. if empty, uses default link category
    $link_id = wp_insert_link( $linkdata );  //insert or update our link

    Everything gets inserted or updated as expected, except for the date.


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  • wp_insert_link (defined in wp-admin/includes/bookmark.php) does not change the “link_updated” field.

    I first thought it was a defect on wp_insert_link, but not.

    Ryan answers

    link_updated does not track local modifications. It tracks when whatever the link points to is updated via remote requests to pingomatic.

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