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  • In the new lesson creation window under the Namaste Settings area; there is a section that states “This lesson will be accessible only after the following lessons are completed:”
    In that area I see all lessons in the course and can check any one or all.

    My question:
    Is this setting area cumulative or specific?

    By that I mean if I have 7 total lessons and want access to lesson 7 available only after completing lesson 6; Do I check only the lesson 6 box?
    Or, do I need to check all previous lessons (1,2,…6)?

    The reason I asked…
    When I checked “accessible only after” option using just lesson 6 and my test student goes to the course landing page with the lessons in the course listed (which uses the [namaste-course-lessons] shortcode to list all lessons); student then first clicks on the hyperlink for lesson 7 (without accessing any other lessons), it takes them right to lesson 7 page.

    Shouldn’t the “accessible only after” requirement be honored by either displaying a “You need to complete [some words about prerequisite] or hyperlink to the required lesson specified in the settings?

    Am I missing some step or important configuration here?

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  • Plugin Author prasunsen


    Hi Bestfit,

    Not sure I understand you well, here is how it works:

    If Lesson C requires Lesson B to be completed first, this is clear.
    If lesson A requires B to be completed first, this automatically means that lesson C should be completed as well (because without C you can’t complete B).

    So you only need to check 1 box.

    The thing you described sounds like the lesson requirement is not honored at all. Are you sure that the person has not completed the required lesson? (Note that you as admin can skip many requirements, so please don’t be logged as admin when testing).

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