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  • RichardWantsToKnow


    I need some help here.
    As I understand it, responsive themes are suppose to be able to automatically adjust their width based on the browser used to view them. I understand the ‘going smaller’ bit for phones. It’s the opposite end of the range I’m not getting.
    I’ve spent hours tossing through new themes that claim to be able to expand to wide desktops, but when you look at them, they only use the middle 40 – 50% of the screen. (Here’s an example of the explanation: As you can see, in the image of the wide desktop monitor it is showing the webpage as filling the entire screen with content; yet, even that page leaves huge vacant space on each side.) The left and right sides (about 50-60% of the screen landscape goes wasted, unused. The banner at the top of the screen may span the entire width, but that’s about it. Is it a style sheet thing? Is it impossible to utilize that space?? Is it simply not recommended to use for some reason???
    Am I not understanding something here? I’m looking for either (1) a theme that allows me to use the entire space yet can be used on phones; or, (2) a reason why I can’t find what I am looking for.
    Thanks in advance.

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  • s_ha_dum


    It isn’t impossible, but it can be very difficult to get a site to scale gracefully for different window sizes, and that is what you really want. The key issue is browser window size not screen size. Because it is difficult you end up with compromise solutions. Really, I’d argue that all solutions are compromise solutions, but with more or less effectiveness.

    It does have a lot to do with CSS but the underlying html markup is important as well.

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