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  • A) In order to undo the redirect you will need to figure out how it was done in the first place. Here is a codex article on different ways to redirect a WordPress RSS feed to Feedburner. Perhaps it will jog your memory as to how you did it?

    B) Here is an article about WordPress feed URLs. There actually already is more than one which might get you by:

    C) Many people use Feedburner without issues. I don’t know what got messed up for you, but trying to fix that is another approach.

    Thank you for the input Martha. But I’m still struggling to find out how it was done and how to undo it. Is there a way to search the files on cpanel for the redirect and delete it? Or is there a specific folder I should be looking at which dictates the URL for the RSS feed so I can change it?

    Well first, did you use a plugin to create the redirect? Look in your Installed Plugins list in the WordPress admin interface.

    I did, but I think the plugin was deleted later on.
    I solved the issue this way:

    First I made a backup.
    Then I went to my cpanel and found the .htaccess file (which was hidden),
    located the redirect promoted by a feedburner plugin within that file,
    I deleted that section from # to # then the original URL worked.

    Thank you everyone for your help!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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