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    I’m trying to setup a Japanese language WordPress system for a few of my friends and I have everything setup perfectly except for 1 thing I can’t seem to resolve. I have wp-cofig.php and installed and working. But for some reason the dates are not showing up properly. See this ->
    As you can see from the image, the month is not showing up. Anyone know which file I can tinker around with to get this to show properly in UTF-8?

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    I’ve actually posted in the Japanese WordPress forums as well. It seems most people use EUC encoding for Japanese, and my setup is UTF-8. As you can see from the image I posted, UTF-8 works. It just doesn’t show the date properly for some reason (the date is supposed to be in English, you can tell beccause it saids ’10th’). I’m guessing it’s an Mysql+PHP problem. Can someone tell me which file I need to be looking at to change these settings?

    The date (time) format is defined in two places: in your admin panel > Options > General and in the template files.
    What you set up in the Options will display only if the template tags don’t have any parameters, i.e. look like the_time ().
    I’d suggest check the index.php and the other template files of the theme and put the parameters you want. I bet you’ll find an “S” in there (see )

    Thanks, I changed everything to the_time(‘n/j/Y l’) and it worked like a charm! So it was the theme messing things up after all.

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