trying to set a parked domain as main url and it's not working (2 posts)

  1. G-Olly
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi there,

    I am trying to launch a new wordpress site with a parked domain as the site url. The thing is I already have a wordpress site with this parked domain as it's site url. So what I did was go into the old site at root/wordpress/ and then just give it the site url of root/wordpress/. I then logged in to the new site and gave it the site url of mysite.co.uk with the wordpress url of root/test_site/. I thought that this would then just change my new site's url to the parked domain of mysite.co.uk. but the old site is still there. Can anyone let me know as to what I might have done wrong and any help would be much appreciated?


  2. esmi
    Forum Moderator
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Change the urls back. See Changing_The_Site_URL for details of how to do this. If you want t run 2 sites on the same domain, just install WordPress in a sub-folder on the second, new, site.

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