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    Loving the landing pages – really easy to use and implement.

    I’m not a techie, so this might be a simple question but I certainly can’t find a way to do it.

    I’m using the template ‘Super Slick Template’ and I’d like the option to remove the line under the heading.

    Are you able to assist with this?


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    Plugin Author David Wells


    Hey Sharryn,

    You will need to add in custom CSS to hide the subheadline.


    This is evident from men’s nike free run 2 the newly appointed U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry’s position. January 24, at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a hearing on his nomination, Kerry described a set of the pragmatists views on international issues. Members asked how to press China on economic and trade issues, Kerry stressed the importance of deepening the relations with China. He said that China is another important economies in the world. China can become a more important partner in the global action. He said that China and the United States competitive in the market, but this should not be regarded as negative factors weaken our cooperation in a range of areas. Bloom said, currently lacking in the pattern of Sino-US economic and trade on some of the major issues at stake in the global future collaborative efforts and cooperation. These major issues including the environment, energy, transportation, and food production. If China and the United States can carry out substantive cooperation in these areas, not only between the two countries to benefit, will also benefit the world.

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    Wow, it’s a pity you can’t delete stupid posts from people (or can you?)

    Thanks David. Is there somewhere you can suggest that I look to do this?

    Plugin Author David Wells


    Can’t delete the spam no =(

    You can insert custom CSS into the bottom of any landing page in the custom css box.

    You will want to find the correct element on the page and use the below code (modified to your selector) to hide any element

    .element {display:none !important;}

    Plugin Author David Wells


    We just launched this add-on that will allow you to select what to show and hide on landing pages

    Enjoy! =)

    That’s awesome David, thanks! Perfect for the non-coder 🙂

    As an additional question, when I installed the plugin and created a landing page in my normal wordpress site I found some other site plugins appeared – like, social media buttons etc. I couldn’t work out how to block them, so I ended up installing it on a sub-directory.

    Do you know a way around this so I don’t have to use the sub-directory?

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