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    On this page here I have a section in the sidebar called ‘Training Links’ which was created in the links section of the dashboard. The UL has a disc next to it and I cannot find where it is to remove it. Where is the styling for the blogroll? I have every other list set to list-style-type: none;


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  • If you check the markup you’ll see:

    <div class="sidebar">
    <li class="linkcat" id="linkcat-2"><h2>Training Links</h2>
    	<ul class="xoxo blogroll">
    <li><a target="_blank" title="Bike Training tips for the beginner to advanced" href="">Bike Training</a></li>

    So, you need to add this to your style.css:

    .sidebar li {
         list-style-type: none;

    …or find a way to change the markup because that <li> is kind of lost there.

    That should solve it :). If you’re interested in know what was happening, keep reading…

    For some reason, the rules from the line 596 of your style.css were applying to that li:

    .entry ul, li {

    Just an advice, use firebug (or a tool alike) to check the markup and css, it’s way easier and you can know which rules are applying to a specified element.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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