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  1. If you check out http://www.jeffro2pt0.com you should see three blocks at the top, RECENT ARTICLES, MOST RECENT COMMENTS, and MOST POPULAR POSTS.

    On the middle one and the far right block, there is a very annoying line break occurring with the text. Could anyone poing me in the right direction to remove that line break?

  2. davidspan
    Posted 9 years ago #

    in the second block after

    <div class="FooterCommented2">
    <h2>Most Recent Comments:</h2>

    should have a

    ul tag
    look at the blocks both above and below.. not sure if this is your problem...

  3. That little

      did help make the block look a little better but I still have the line break on the text. This plugin is called GET RECENT COMMENTS and I have tried combing through the comment_excerpt string as that appears to be initiating the line break after the : but I can't seem to fix this issue.

  4. I believe I finally figured it out. In my css, the links were coded with the following property

    display: block;

    I remove the "block" and now the links are finally appearing the way I want them to look.

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