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  • bsdepllc


    i’m starting to build a site using the alyeska theme from theme blvd. my site can be found here. most of it is private, but my question is in regards to the main menu which should be public.

    i’m working on getting the drop down menu set up, and i was having problems getting all of my top level menus to fit properly. i know some html code from years and years ago, so i tried a
    tag between words in the navigation label and it worked great. but the two lines were left-justified, so i tried a <center> </center> tag and that worked, too.

    i just did two hours of google searching to see if this was a good way to do it. almost everything i saw recommended using css (which i am NOT familiar with). i tried it with two different machines and two different browsers and it seems to be working just fine. can i leave it as-is? or do i absolutely have to use css?

    thanks for your help.

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