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  1. scubes13
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I am currently seeking input from others regarding a task I would like to accomplish.

    We have users who all use the same email server. This email server has IMAP access. I have successfully connected the WP authentication plugin to the IMAP server so that all users can login using their email address and password.

    I would now like to add a web based jabber client that can authenticate against WP. IE, when a user logs into their WP account, the jabber program connects them.

    The jabber software pieces I have been looking at (so far) include iJabBar, CometChat, and ArrowChat. Each of these act as a chat bar along the bottom of the browser - very similar to the chat bar in FaceBook.

    CometChat is pretty much ruled out because it runs its own chat service. IE, it is not connected to a jabber server.

    Any input from anyone that has accomplished this or even attempted it would be greatly appreciated!

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