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    I put this before my loop in wordpress <?php query_posts(‘category_name=home’); ?>

    It works like i want it’s only showing one categories in the index page .

    But when i click other categories link , it only show the home categories .
    the link in the web changes but only showing the home page ? anyone know why ?

    What i want is separated categories post in my links , so i want to make dynamic webpages that can posted in all of the pages .

    If using the pages feature , it can only show static page right ?
    So i tried to using categories for my webpage navigation.

    Anyone know how to do it more simple ? or this is the only way ?

    PS: Sorry for my bad english , it’s not my first language . 🙂

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    you may need to create archive.php, category.php and so

    thanks i will check the link , will come back if have more question ..

    looking for the archieve.php and category.php but can’t find what am i looking for

    Ended up getting ways to get archive and showing the archives everywhere .. and the categories page , still confused about it ..

    Could someone pointed out what i need ?

    Basically what my website needs is just for the index.php not showing other category then the home category and not affecting the other categories links ..

    Can i make it simple by ? just linking my index.php file to home category ?

    Like this this is my index page http://www.localhost/wordpress/
    Could i redirect it to http://www.localhost/wordpress/?cat=3

    Your reply and help will be much appreciated 🙂
    Thanks before

    DO NOT CHANGE QUERY_POSTS! Unless you know what you are doing, changing the default query_posts() call can (and will) have unexpected results.

    If you want a custom loop, use WP_Query:

    $my_custom_query = WP_Query();

    (See the linked Codex reference for information regarding how to pass arguments to WP_Query().)

    I found the way to do it by making home.php , if i post the query_posts() in home.php only the main page is changing . And when clicking category page , it’s work all the categories still show .

    I found it when looking into the hieracrhy again .. the first WP try is to find is home.php.

    But chip pointed out not to change the query_posts .. maybe i will use wp_query() insted.

    But my WP-website is done , Thanks , to all the guys here.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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