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  • I’m trying to establish a local install of WordPress. I followed the 5-minute install.

    I have a XAMPP installation on this computer. Apache is running as a service, as is MySQL. I can access the DB (including the WordPress db) via the command line or phpmyadmin.

    I have the WordPress files saved in a subdirectory of my main site, e.g. Website/Blog.

    If I go to http://localhost/website, it opens the main page of the website fine. If I go to http://localhost/website/blog/wp-admin/ I can view and use the admin page just fine.

    However, if I make a post, and then click to View it, nothing shows up – the page is blank. Going to http://localhost/website/blog, which I would think would be the main blog page, comes up as a blank page.

    Curious if I’m missing something obvious…

    I’ve done an install on a hosted web server, and didn’t have any problems, and this doesn’t appear to be giving any problems other than I can’t view the posts in a browser.

    I’m using Windows 7, 64-bit laptop.


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  • It sounds like you may have your setting set up incorrectly. Go to your Dashboard > Settings > General. Make sure the WordPress Address URL and Site Address URL are consistent with your site’s URL. It could be a permalink issue as well. You may have to update your permalink which makes changes to the .htaccess file in your blog root directory.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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