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    Ok, this is extremely confusing. I have two WordPress sites running, a test one and my real one. I make all changes and updates to my test one first then I apply the same changes to my real site. So basically they are mirror sites.

    However, on one my page of my real site, I’m simply trying to add the iframe code for Google Calendar but every time I click on save the iframe code simply disappears in thin air and my calendar is gone. I don’t know why, it was working fine for weeks now. The interesting thing, it works fine on my test site. I simply go to create new page, click on the HTML tab, paste my cose, click on publish and voila! It’s there.

    Please help!

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  • no one will probably answer here b/c it’s not an easy question. seems only easy questions get answered here.

    your site you’re adding the calendar to – have you tried adding the calendar code in the html editor section vs the ‘default’ area? also, do you have a calendar plugin running on your site already? b/c there could be a conflict.

    try the plugin Unfiltered MU

    Adds the unfiltered_html capablitiy to Administrators and Editors so that content posted by users with those roles is not filtered by KSES; Embeds, Iframe, etc. are preserved. Note: If for any reason the unfiltered_html capability is ever lost, simply deactivate, and then reactivate this plugin.

    No calendar plug ins, I’m simply trying to add the iframe code to brings up the web page for my Google Calendar. I am inserting in the in the area after I click on the HTML tab. I’m following the exact same steps I am doing on my test site and works no problem.

    I also noticed, that as soon as I click on the “visual” tab and then back to the HTML tab, the iframe code disappears again.

    Both my WordPress sites are 3.1.2.

    As I am typing this to you, I loaded up my site on IE and after 3 failed attempts, it worked on my 4th attempt. This is really confusing…LOL.

    Does anybody know if WordPress disabled entering iframe code or anything?

    ya know what it may be? the google calendar code generates a huge calendar. perhaps it’s too large for the window and therefore it panics and removes it. (i’ve seen weirder things)

    but you said it works on your test site – right? i’m not sure man – i sure hope ya figure it out though. i’ll follow this in hopes to see what it takes to resolve it. Maybe rsgrones plugin idea will work?

    still doesn’t make sense if it works on your test site.

    Yes, it’s really weird…LOL, because now it worked! And I did not do anything different except maybe raise my blood pressure…LOL.

    Anyway, in case this happens again, I made a backup page.

    WordPress removes iframe when you switch from “HTML” to “Visual” tab in your editor because of the security reasons. You can try iframe plugin. It will help you to embed iframe with this shortcode: [iframe width=”640″ height=”480″ src=”″] so now you can switch from “HTML” to “Visual” tab and now your iframe will not be removed.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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