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  • HELP!!! Just moved my blog from Blogger to WP & I’ve spent a lot of time trying to sign up for Word Ads for my self hosted blog. Every time I try to sign in it does not take my FTP user name & password. I have a separate user name & password but WP does not see my blog under that name & password. Very confused and irritated, no one to speak w/. Can somebody help me so I can move forward.

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  • Christine Rondeau


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    When you say you moved your blog from blogger to WP, do you mean or are your hosting your site somewhere?

    If you mean, then you need to go to

    I’ve spent a lot of time trying to sign up for Word Ads for my self hosted blog

    I’m not sure what this is.. where are you signing in for these ads?

    It’s being hosted by GoDaddy. Every time I click on support from blog or I get sent here.

    I’ve been trying to sign in from on the “features” page.

    I will try the link you supplied above. Thanks

    Christine, I followed the link you provided and after posting I was told to come back to Since I self host it Word Ads is not available to me. Are their any options to monetize my blog via that I’m missing? Thanks for your help.

    Only those w/ blogs hosted by can use free Word Ads

    Sandy, I had similar problems. At first, I was convinced it was GoDaddy that wasn’t keeping up with changes in WordPress. With problems I experienced with my WordPress hosted account over the past two days, I believe the problem is with WordPress–probably with the interaction of WordPress and Google, which sponsers AdWords. As with you, AdWords is not functioning on my GoDaddy based site. In spite of the fact that my GoDaddy hosted site was recognized by Google, the recognition has not only disappeared in via WordPress, but cannot be found. WordPress has been making changes that may or may not be shared with appropriate resources, too, however. Although I was trying to reply to this post and I was already logged in through my WordPress hosted account, I was directed to log in. When I tried to log in with my account information, the response was that my ID was not found. I had to re-register using my full email address. Then, when I logged in with the “new identity,” a message appeared saying I was already logged in, why do I want to log in again? WordPress has been a frustrating experience recently, and I need to write a note of apology to GoDaddy for blaming them for the problems.
    If you find a solution to the AdWords problem, please post it here. You are not the only one having difficulties with this process.

    Hi Eleanore, Glad I’m not the only one having these issues. What I’ve found out is that only blogs hosted by WP on can use Word Ads. Other blogs hosted by others need to use to post ads. Being that I and it looks like you have our blogs hosted by Godaddy we don’t qualify for Word Ads.

    A friend also mentioned using Google ads which I will be looking into shortly. Could you please post any info you have for using Google ads.

    That’s all I’ve learned so far. Back to the drawing board 🙂

    Hi, Sandy. Thanks for the information on Word Ads. I guess I should look into that facility for my WP-hosted blog, even though I can’t use it on my GoDaddy-hosted blog site. Incidentally, I’ve been in contact with GoDaddy over issues involving WP, and it seems that WP is not sharing information very well. For a while, all problem reports were supposed to go through WP, but now it looks like the GoDaddy site is taking over the problem reports on their hosted WP sites. GoDaddy support is outstanding, while little support is available with WP. Thus, I suspect that it was GoDaddy’s idea to take on the problem reports between the two systems.
    For a while, GoDaddy, WordPress, and Google were making major changes all at the same time. During that time, I completely lost my connections to be able to use Google’s AdWords. Since I lost AdWords first on my WP-hosted blog site before losing it with my GoDaddy-hosted site, I thought it was a WP problem. It may still be, but I think Google messed up somewhere, too. I may need to “unlink” all my Google sites and start over. So, I would be interested in seeing how you did adding Google AdWords and AdSense to your account.
    Back to the drawing board for me, too!

    Hi Eleanore,
    I can’t add Google Adsense as my account was suspended hence my reason for moving my blog from Blogger to WP. AdWords doe not apply to me as that is for business’ who want to put ads for their business & direct traffic to their website.

    I think my options have become limited to only soliciting business’ to advertise on my website & have somebody write code on my blog which is what a self hosted blogger such as us would use is for.
    Unless I’m missing something my chances of monetizing my blog are almost over.

    If you know of any other options I’m open to listening.

    Why can’t I ad WordAds?
    I requested an invitation to ad all I get is a notice saying “Application received has already been sent for this blog.”
    So now what? When will I get approved? How will I know?


    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Hi Lisa, you’ll be best creating your own thread to discuss that.

    @lisaleaks – WordAds only exist on WordPress.COM – so if your site is hosted there, you are on the wrong forums – go here:

    Since this is not related to WordPress.ORG, closing this thread.

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