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    Hey all, I’m trying to get this infinite scroll thing to work but can’t get it to. It should be noted that I’m using a theme I created myself. I get the following error:

    Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in
    /wp-content/plugins/infinite-scroll/includes/presets.php on line 547

    The offending line is: return wp_get_theme( $theme->theme )->exists();

    I found this related thread:

    So possibly the plugin is not recognizing the name of my themes? How can I correct this? Thank you.

    Ive tried changing themes to Twenty Eleven and sure enough it works. (But when I try to just rename my theme to Twenty Eleven it doesn’t work for some reason… I get no error but the infinite scroll won’t work– And I tried to change all the div names and stuff proper)

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