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  • I’ve been trying to get this to work with custom taxonomies…and wonder if anyone has any thoughts:

    The original gets the post id and the cat id this way:

    // get Post ID from URL
    // get Category ID from URL
    list($url)=explode('/page/',$url); // <- added for paging compatibility

    Since I’m trying to get this with a custom post type I can’t use url_to_postid so now I’m using bwp_url_to_postid

    // get Post ID from URL with bwp_url_to_postid

    This pulls the Post_ID from the URL even in a custom post type just fine.

    So I’ve gotten the post id, and then, based on that trying to get the cat id (on the assumption that there is only 1 category)

    Next instead of getting the $cid (category id) with get_category_by_path, I’d like to get it with the Post ID (again, going on the assumption that there will only ever be 1 category) because of how the permalinks are set…wont see the category in the url.

    So my first attempt is wp_get_object_terms

    $terms =  wp_get_object_terms( $pid, 'product_category', array('fields'=>'ids'))
    $ids = wp_list_pluck( $terms, 'term_id' );
    $cid = array_pop($ids)

    Except that $cid isn’t pulling the term_id from the current post this way…which is what I expected.

    If I manually set $cid in the plugin…it works fine…so it’s just a matter of getting the correct term_id from the current post to continue.

    Any thoughts?

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  • Plugin Author Luke Rumley


    A quick clarification before I dive in: you used “category” as your custom taxonomy?

    no, product_category is the custom taxonomy…I came REALLY close with getting it to work. And made some changes since I posted this. I stepped through the code on a page with a post type of product, and a taxonomy of product_category. And it was pulling the correct child theme…but at the last step…it would not return the stylesheet…

    Here’s the entirety of what i updated:

    Some changes I made as I stated above…getting post id with bwp_url_to_postid (and that function is in the codepad…that works…changed the breakout from

    elseif ($pid !=0 && get_post_type($pid) != "page") {


    if ($pid!=0 && 'product' == get_post_type($pid)) {

    Which I know makes this only useable for THAT post type…and I was thinking of adding an option to either pass the post type in…or select it on an options page…but that was a later thing…

    I can also put up a quick test site to play with, just let me know….I did ultimately go with a different solution for this project…but I would REALLY like to be able to do this in the future. And, I’m stubborn and hate getting stumped 😉



Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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