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  • I’m trying to fix a WP installation for a friend and I don’t know a whole heck of a lot about the backend of WP. I solved many of his problems through troubleshooting on here and being a Google ninja, but this one has me stumped.

    He runs a very small e-commerce site using a pre-made template and the Shopp plugin. I have suspicions that the Shopp plugin is partly broken due to functionality that SHOULD be there but clearly isn’t. He wants me to remove the PayPal button on this page (you will have to have a product selected to view this page). The problem is, I cannot find ANYWHERE where I can edit the code and take this button out??

    The way the previous designer built this page is basically just using one of Shopps shortcodes on the Checkout page. I can view the Checkout page in the WPAdmin area but all that’s there is the shortcode. I’ve poked around the PHP files for the plugin and the site itself (themes-editor) but cannot find anything that resembles the PayPal link. When I view the page source in my browser, I can clearly see the code but have NO idea where I would look to edit it. How can I tell by looking at the source code in a browser where I should be looking inside WPAdmin?

    Unfortunately, I do not have access to the DB of his site since his friend is hosting it for him (for free).

    Anyways, cannot tell if it is part of the CSS or part of a PHP page or if I’m way the heck off base? Thanks for the help!

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