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  • maradjen


    Hello, I am Maradjen, artist, poet, writer, and right now, very frustrated brand spanking new WordPress site owner. The details will be the first thing that I will provide, in an attempt to simplify what I am going to try to explain I need in a hopeful attempt of garnering some useful information to aid me in finishing the setup of my online store.

    {Please Note: This message may be a trifle long, for I need to explain what I am needing aid with. So please, whoever reads it, take the time to finish the message.}

    WordPress Version: 3.4.1
    Hosting Service:
    Allowed uploads: 20
    Name of Site:
    Planned Use: Blog, Store, miscellaneous
    Plan To Sell: Hand Crafted Stationary, Cards and Calendars, as well as PDF versions of my books.

    Eventually plan on ‘hosting’ the PDF format of the books of several of my writing acquaintances.

    Also plan to add e-books in the hopefully not to distant future (once I figure out how to calibrate the formatting for them, that is!)

    As denoted above, the only package that I could afford through was the cheapest one.

    The problem lies in that they only allow twenty uploads. I have a ‘wee few more than that’.

    I have a personal site that I am using to store the files as I create them.

    I need to know if there is anyway of linking the ‘add to cart’ buttons on my WordPress site to the files that I am storing on the Weebly one.

    I think I have devised a way, at least theoretically, of being able to post what I need to for my store, and still fall within the allowable limits re the number of files that I can currently upload vi-a-vis GoDaddy’s terms for the package that I purchased.

    In order to do what I am contemplating, I need to know if WordPress offers an I-Frame plugin that will allow me to add the link to the pages where the files will be kept on my Weebly site.

    I also need to know if there is a plugin that will allow me to form a list with individual check boxes that will list the coded items that will be shown in the I-Frame viewer on my WordPress site, which will be linked to the pages on my Weebly site that will show the actual items, each of which will show a code beneath it.

    The check boxes must be able to be linked to a single ‘add to cart button’, which will be at the end of the list, in such a way that no matter if one or more than one boxes are checked in that list, when the ‘add to cart’ button is activated, only the item/items that has its/their corresponding box/boxes checked will appear in the shopping cart and be listed on the downloads that will be given in the ‘Thank You’ page.

    I also need to know if there is a plugin that will allow those viewing my page to comment or contact me without my having to publicly post my email address. The reason for this is that I eventually plan on adding personalization to the stationary I will be offering for sale.

    Okay, I guess that is about it, but I desperately need a response to this as soon as possible, as I am losing time I have paid money I had to sacrifice much for while I wait. I am disabled and live on a very small disability income, and the money this site cost me means I have little to live on for the next two months, so I need a response as quickly as I can obtain one.

    My heartfelt thanks to any who read and respond to this plea for information,

    Author MARAntha D. JENelle/aka/’Maradjen’

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  • John


    I can tell you immediately that iframe content in posts is blocked by default, for good security reasons. There are plugins that exist which can override this, usually for specific sites instead of globally, which works to your favor. I can’t recommend any of them personally.

    You can easily accomplish your “contact me” needs with a contact form plugin. Some themes even include a contact form custom page template. You are wise to not float your email address if you don’t need to, however keep in mind that if you are trying to avoid spam, a contact form is just as susceptible as your email address.

    Do you already have a marketplace plugin you are using to handle the transactions?



    market place plugin? i do not understand the term. i have the wordpress shopping cart, or at least i will once i finish setting it up so that i will be able to access all of the files. I am trying to get hold of paypal to see if i can add my weebly store, which comes with paypal buttons, added to my account. if i can, i will simply list three or four of each of my sale items on the wordpress site, then simply put a small blurb that if they would like to see more, then click ‘here’, and have the ‘here’ linked to my weebly site, where all of the items will be located.

    i still need to know if there is a way of making a list of the items, each with its own checkbox, and have one checkout button that is linked to that list, but which only acts on the checked item or items.

    thank you also for you quick response.




    There are many shopping cart plugins, this is synonymous with marketplace plugins. It is the thing which will be handling items, costs, customer information, payments, etc…

    That plugin is going to be your focus. Correct me if I am wrong, but you need that plugin to be able to get its list of available items not from wordpress content, but from an external site (weebly). You would need to contact that plugin author directly to find out if it is possible.



    i might have just solved the problem, but i won’t close this thread till i am sure.

    thank you much for your help.


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