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Trying to extract bitcoin prices

  • Hi!

    I use this syntax:

    Bitcoin Israel Buy rate: [wpws url="http://bitcoinisrael.co.il" selector="price_per_coin_buy" user_agent="Bot at eyalo.com" on_error="error_show"]
    Bitcoin Israel Sell rate: [wpws url="http://bitcoinisrael.co.il" selector="price_per_coin_sell" user_agent="Bot at eyalo.com" on_error="error_show"]

    but no data is showing, nor any errors. tried with another website with the correct id tags as well, but no go.
    Please help, thanks!


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  • Plugin Author Akshay Raje


    @dropswisdom The site http://bitcoinisrael.co.il/ does not have the bitcoin buy and sell rate in the page source. Its injected by some Javascript and hence its not possible to fetch it using the plugin. Moreover should have been #price_per_coin_buy instead of price_per_coin_buy and #price_per_coin_sell instead of price_per_coin_sell

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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