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  • I’m trying to delete just the time from my posts.
    Everything I read says that there should be something like this in either the page template or main index template:

    <?php the_time(); ?> or <?php the_date(); ?>

    But my neither of those templates have that code. Is there somewhere else I need to look to delete the time?

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  • I believe you’ll need to delete this piece from content-single.php. Be sure to get the dot and leave one space between echo and canyon.
    T’would appear that the designer liked to change things up a bit from normal.

    hmmmm, for some reason that didn’t work.
    deleting that line didn’t do anything.

    It worked when I did it in content.php
    It deleted the date and the time, so I guess it’s all or nothing.
    Thanks for the help.

    Wow, it seems I know what to do, just not where to do it 😉
    So, just put that bit of code back in, and go to utility.php in lib/funtions/ and delete This bit of code. Cheers!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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