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    Here is a link to their helpdesk:

    Bluehost only allows an SSL certificate for the Primary Domain Name. At this time we do not allow for an SSL certificate to be installed on an Addon, Parked or Sub Domain.

    Yes I know all that. I am just trying to use the single domain for login but use the add-ons for regular browsing and administration. I made need to keep looking for a provider other than GoDaddy that can do this. GoDaddy was secure….but slow.



    If you were to make them pages of the primary domain, then they could be under the umbrella of the SSL from the primary domain. But any addon or sub-domain is an entirely different “domain” on the internet. I don’t know if that would help you or not.

    yeah what I am finding is the trade off of speed is going to cost a lot more money than godaddy who can do the multiple certificates, they just SUCK for page loads.

    Have you tried the WordPress HTTPS plugin?

    If it isn’t for the primary domain, then you’d have to access it through the Shared URL something like the following:

    Last night I found this thread… I’ve been hunting for the solution to this problem for months. I’m a bluehost customer too, with a single SSL on my root domain and wp blog on an add-on domain, and found comfort knowing people on bluehost were in almost the exact same situation.

    The setup I have is basically: (ssl secure)

    I was hacked a couple months ago, and I think either because one of my FTP accesses was sniffed or just logging into the wordpress blog one-too-many times insecurely. caused big warnings in browsers, saying it was being misrepresented as would partly work, but unresolvable errors occured with logging into

    So finally I logged into the account using insecurely, and found the two url fields in Settings, changed the WordPress address (URL) field to and the miracle happened, everything works perfectly now. I don’t care what the URL is for administering the site, and I don’t have anyone log in to post comments, so this works for me.

    Granted, there is no other WP blog in another subdirectory or on the root domain, but since is the same directory as, perhaps I was simply complicating things, trying to work .htaccess rewrites and such.

    This may or may not help anyone, but it’s a solution that has worked for me as an SSL owner on bluehost.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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