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  • trying to find where in the code i have to change to center my blog. I tried to remove the 0; from the margin but that didn’t work. as well as a few other ideas

    any help would be awesome

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  • a link to your blog would help us help you.

    The code for centering is margin: 0 auto;

    but exactly where that should be on your blog depends how the code is written

    also, are you trying to center the text in the blog, or center the whole blog on the screen? Centering text would be different code

    sry my site is and i’ll try the code you listed

    to answer your question above I want to center the blog…i enteered the above code into my margin for both my body and wrapper within my css…it didn’t change anything

    usually it goes with the wrapper, hopefully someone else can look closer. Unfortunately your site is kinda NSFW, I had to close it quickly…. I can’t have any sites like that open at work.

    lol oh my god im sry i should have let you know it was an adult humor t-shirt company didnt think my deepest appologies

    NP, it’s not super bad, I have picky bosses.

    One thing to consider until someone else looks into your code deeper

    drop your url into that website and look at the results. If you have any errors in your coding, especially with mismatched opening and closing div tags, that could throw off your site layout and help explain why the centering code isn’t working

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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