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  • Let me preface this by saying most of this stuff is WAY WAY over my head and I really just kinda stumble through WordPress…

    One of our web pages contains a contact form (Contact Form 7) that asks for credit card info. The form is emailed through the site to me. I wanna make sure this is secure so I’m in compliance and their info is safe. I don’t understand encryption, SSL, certificates, any of this.

    I’ve tried searching plugins and thought I found one that sounded right (WordPress HTTPS), but can’t tell if I got it to work or not (doubt it).

    Then installed another one that sounds like it may be what I need (wp2pgpmail) and it asks for my PGP public key – no idea what that is. 🙁

    I’m just trying to find a way to make our current contact form safe to use but have no clue how. I’m afraid to mess around too much and then somehow screw up my site completely. Can someone tell me if there’s a plugin to use with my current form? Thank you!

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  • Using PGP keys is a way of encoding a message.

    The basics: there are two keys for every individual, a public key and a private key. You send people your public key, so that they may encrypt documents, email, etc. with your public key, and send it to you. Then, you use your private key to decrypt the file.

    The wp2pgpmail plugin makes this process seamless: you enter your public PGP key once you install the plugin. After that, the key will be used to encrypt the data filled by your visitors from the form.

    So, it’s a simple and efficient solution, without the need of SSL.

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