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  • Hi all, i’m new to wordpress, just installed it and started to learn. I have to say that it’s amazing, a great discover for me.
    I’m here because i’ve been trying to solve a problem and after lot of hours, i really think i need help.

    I’d like to have a Karma/Rating user system on my site. This is what i need:
    -User Profiles page ( with user info, avatar, latest/best rated comments and user Karma/Rating )
    -Comments linked to the Karma system, and typical “rate comment” increasing/decreasing user’s karma/rating.

    What plugins could i use to make this?
    Please, i’ve been googling about 2 days without luck, could somebody help me?

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  • There are many plugins that allow both logged in and public site visitors to ‘rate’ a post. It may be best to understand that allowing ratings can invoke bogus, misused, & abused ratings, and cause issues with some authors…a better method may be to allow and then moderate comments…just a thought..

    I need the karma system to COMMENTS, no to the author’s posts on the blog. I’d like users rating to the others users comments.

    The idea is motivate the users comments, and let the users rate the comments done by others users. So, users that always writte good comments will have high Karma, and people will have and reason to comment my site’s news and participate.

    I could add moderators, but i need the name of the plugin to make the karma system. (i have Comment Rating but only appears on comments, nothing on user profile page…)

    I’d really like to add this system. The default user profile page on WordPress is…. missing a LOT of things like, recent user comments, an more.

    Well, now i know that “There are many plugins that allow…”, maybe could somebody say me the names? It’s good to know “There are many plugins that allow…”, but without the plugins names, i’m in the same situation.
    Could somebody help me?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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