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  • Okay, I’ve downloaded the C4F Textarea Toolbar, uploaded & extracted it over on my CPanel, and I’ve added the code to the Main Index Template that the C4F directions said to add, but for some reason, the toolbar is showing on the comment box, which is good, but none of the buttons work!

    Have I missed a step? Anyone know how to fix this?

    My blog:

    Thanks so much for your help.

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  • code4fun


    Hi Kay,
    sorry I didn’t notice your post before.

    C4F Textarea Toolbar needs two features in your template in order to work:

    1. the wp_head hook inside the head tags (to call the javascript needed)
    2. the id “comment” in the comments’ textarea (as in the default theme) to tell the javascript code where to “act”

    If either one is missing from the template, the javascript code is not loaded or it doesn’t know where to “act”, so even if the toolbar shows in your comments’ page, it doesn’t work.

    The theme you are using now has the id “comment” and it looks like the wp_head call is in place, so the question is: were you using this very theme you are using now back when you tried C4F Textarea Toolbar?

    Or maybe you didn’t have those two features in your theme back then?

    If you are still interested in making it work and maybe help other who might have a similar problem, hit back.


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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