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  • I am trying to add a banner behind the logo but there doesn’t seem to be an option for a custom header.

    if thats not possible how can I enlarge the logo dimensions so I can add in my banner as a logo.

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  • I’d love to know that, too….

    Any suggestions anyone?

    Finally, a question I can answer! I found this link and was able to add my custom header on my blog successfully.

    When using this code don’t forget to add the php tags before and after which are <? … ?>

    To center my header I just added standard HTML tags <center> … </center> and it worked.

    My only issue now is that my theme is responsive but the header image is not shrinking for mobile and tablet resolutions which is what I am trying to figure out now.

    Hope that helps, at least it displays correctly on all computers.

    youareoncrack doesn’t load for me…

    I’m just building my site and I hadn’t yet made any links in the nav bar. Now that I have, what I realized is that the nav bar is right beside the header image. If the header image is bigger, it infringes on the nav bar’s territory.

    My main issue that prompted me to look into a banner was that 1) site title wrapped if I put in the text. 2) replacing the text with an image of the words so that they were all on one line made the words too small.

    I’ve now fixed that by putting my site title in the tagline box. I added html code right in the tagline itself which was actually recognized (sweet) to get the title in bold and put in a line break.

    This is exactly what’s in my tagline box (under “Site Title and Tagline”) in the “Customize” screen:
    THE BIG ANSWER </br>The single biggest answer to life’s biggest questions

    And this is the result:

    I know this doesn’t address the issue of a banner image, but hopefully it gives people an alternative.

    Try again, it’s working fine for everyone else. I am waiting for a reply from the guy that made that plugin to see how to adjust it to make header responsive.

    @youareoncrack – yes, it’s working fine for me now.

    @everyone else – I’m just giving up on themes that don’t do what I want and going with Headway. I’ve barely started using it but so far it has been a dream to use. Incredibly well executed. The tradeoff of being able to tweak everything to get what you want is that you have to tweak everything to get what you want. But to me it’s worth it.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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