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  • We’ve been struggling with Events Calendar for over a year now. We’ve installed, tested and uninstalled several different ticketing plugins, inclding their own, paired with several different payment processing options and Events Calendar has bugs that prevent every single one of them from working properly. While they acknowledge the bugs, the timeline for fixing them is always vague…sometime in the future, maybe they’ll be fixed. So, I guess if you just need to list some programs on your website, the basic Events Calendar is fine. If you have more complex needs, especially if those needs include fully functional ticketing and payment processing, look elsewhere.

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  • Barry


    We’re sorry to hear you had a rough experience with The Events Calendar.

    sometime in the future, maybe they’ll be fixed

    To be fair, we ship fixes and other enhancements on a regular basis and our changelog is a testament to that. Of course, we need to prioritize what we include in each release carefully and so that can mean you need to wait less time for some fixes and a little longer for others.

    Our intention is not to be vague as to when a fix will land, but we also don’t want to make commitments we cannot keep—that would just lead to disappointment. The fact is we operate in a continually changing landscape and many other projects we depend upon (including WordPress itself and other major third party plugins such as WooCommerce) are themselves undergoing continual development.

    This means we need to stay flexible and, despite our best efforts, we routinely need to reschedule various pieces of work to accommodate changes that we cannot control. I do wish it were otherwise and appreciate this is not necessarily something you as an end-user should have to worry about, but I did want to share how things are from our perspective.

    Thanks again for your feedback: we’ve taken it onboard and we’ll do our very best to keep improving.

    It’s certainly the case that show-stopping bugs are treated very casually by support and/or the devs. Not reassuring if you’re running part of your business through the plug-in.

    Follow-up to my original review: We eventually found a work-around to get the Eventbrite plugin to work properly for ticketing and payments. With regard to the response from Barry of Modern Tribe: I do appreciate the response, even if it was a bit defensive. Any response is better than no response as it shows the company is listening. That said, Barry picked one part–and not the most important part–of my criticism to respond to, and ignored the rest. To clarify: my main critique is the sheer volume of bugs that we’ve encountered while working with Events Calendar. Rather than defend over-worked support and bug-fix teams, it would be better to stop trying to be all things to all people by rushing out bug-filled add-ons and enhancements. Take the time to get it right the first time and you won’t encounter one-star reviews like mine.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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