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    @webbando we’re still in beta, new features will come later!

    Great! Looking forward to trying it. Will it work with Postman SMTP, your favorite plugin? 😉

    I used the special “trick” to get MailPoet 2 using wp_mail() to send, but it has never worked. Here’s hoping MailPoet 3 will fix that.

    If you need beta testers, I’m happy to try the plugin out for you. (We just use MailPoet to send to a small list of clients)


    Mailpoet v3 is awesome! Can’t wait to use it!

    A couple of features I couldn’t find in this demo:
    Stats: I can see the open / click / unsubscribe rate in the newsletters list, but there is no way to see the details. Is this a premium feature that is not activated in this demo?

    Use CRON to trigger sending: with MailPoet v2 you could configure a CRON task to trigger sending. It seems that the option doesn’t exists anymore. Any chance it will come back before final release?

    A last question: I’m especially interested in hooking MailPoet with my CRM and to do so, I need to “capture” events such as subscribing and unsubscribing. Last time I checked in MailPoet v2 code, there were no hook for these events.
    Do you plan to add more hooks to MailPoet?


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    @jpasquier Cool! To answer your questions:

    1. Stats will come as a Premium plugin when we commercialize MailPoet 3. First, we need to release as a beta.

    2. Cron: good point, it isn’t clear whether you can set it yourself. We’ll correct this.

    3. MailPoet 3 has an API third parties will be able to use. We’ll also enable hooks and filters in due time. Our API’s first iteration might be limited.

    OK, thanks.
    I’m impatient to see what MP v3 has to offer 😉

    Mac 10.5.8
    Safari 5.0.6: Every Mail Poet section shows no content.
    Firefox 16.0.2: Newsletter editor, newsletter on bottom right side, overlaps (20%) the buttons in the right column.

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    Thanks @anneke for the report. Your versions of Safari and Firefox are quite old.

    Unfortunately, we won’t support them in the near future simply due to lack of internal resources.

    How much do we have to wait? MP 2.7.x editor seems unable to edit modules and newsletter since WP 4.6, at least is does not work on a wide variety of sites I manage and the only common setup I could find was WP 4.6 / W.P 4.6.1: in not-up-to-date wp’s it does work. If it will take more time for v3 to come out, I should move to MailChimp / SendGrid at least for a while…

    Does anyone experience the same issue?

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    It would be a good thing, if it had implemented the possibility to select the recipients do not necessarily from a specific list, but by the subscribers. So you could implement to a more specific and targeted use. It would also be useful to speed up the submission process with one more function, eg:


    test news letter

    Preview | Edit | Duplicate | Trash | Send *

    Select List or Subscriber *?

    Select User:

    flag: User 1 flag: User 6
    flag: flag User 2: User 7
    flag: User 3 flag: User 8
    flag: User flag 4: User 9
    flag: User flag 5: User 10 …… …… …


    Hi there,

    You did not answer nielsgabel’s question about using WordPress’ built-in wp_mail() function.

    Last year, when answering to Email Log’s developer, you mentioned that:

    The next version of MailPoet will come with wp_mail() as a sending method option

    I went through the demo and did not see such an option in the Send with… Your web host / web server configuration. Is wp_mail() now the only option when sending locally?

    Thanks in advance!

    Thanks Alexandre… Yes, I am eager to know the answer to this.

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    @brocheafoin Good question. “Your web host/web server” option in MailPoet 3 utilizes PHP’s native mail() function via the third-party SwiftMailer library. The very same library is used to send e-mails via SMTP, be it your local or remote host. SwiftMailer is a well-regarded application that affords a customizable and elegant approach to sending emails with a multitude of features.

    While we offer the flexibility of using PHP’s native mail() function, SMTP and third-party APIs (e.g., Amazon SES and SendGrid), MailPoet 3 will work best when paired with our own sending method. We trust that our competitive pricing plans and the robust sending service that delivers 50 emails per second will satisfy event the most demanding customer.

    Please stay tuned as we put the final touches on the plugin!

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    Thanks for the answer! I would still like to be able to configure MailPoet to send emails via WordPress’ wp_mail function. Two reasons for this:

    1. I already configure WordPress to have wp_mail use an external SMTP server. In the current state of affairs, I need to duplicate the SMTP configuration in MailPoet, which is not DRY.
    2. wp_mail fires hooks which other plugins can use to modify or perform actions on the emails being sent. Right now, there’s no way to have this actions performed on emails sent by MailPoet. That was the essence of the developer of Email Log’s request.

    In short, using wp_mail (or at least having the possibility to use it) is just playing nice with the rest of WordPress and its ecosystem. It doesn’t even need to be available via the UI, a simple, working filter allowing to choose this sending method would be great.

    I understand your need to generate revenue through your own sending service and may end up actually using it for a few customers, but for other projects (on private networks, for example), the inability to use wp_mail as a sending method may force us away from MailPoet. Obviously, this is all up to you. Thanks in advance for taking this into consideration!

    The demo looks nice and demonstrates two things I’ve always wanted:
    – Use of the native media browser for inserting images
    – Newsletter title editable when on the newsletter edit page
    Look forward to the release of version 3.0 (and crossing my fingers, that my existing templates will import correctly).

    2 questions:
    – Can you create an option where you can choose a default template and skip the “select template” part?
    – Will restrictions for the editor role (and other roles) still be available?

    Please let us know.


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