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  • I wish I hadn’t started using this plug-in for my newsletter. Now everyone is subscribed to something that under-functions and takes so much time and effort to configure. Complete headache.

    The download page it says: “Our global deliverability rate is 98.5%, often exceeding industry standards.”
    But when you dig a little deeper it gives you the truth: you should be happy if you get 30% open rate.

    What a riot! Whatever you do, don’t pay for this service.

    The open rates they give you are 100% incorrect – designed to show you a low score so you upgrade. This whole thing is a scam. Most reviews of this plug-in are written after the first newsletter is sent. After using for a while it severely loses credibility. Do yourself a favor and learn from all these honest One Star reviews – go elsewhere. Don’t install.

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  • Your review is not appropriate, as you mistake the numbers.

    Even a 100% deliverability rate can mean a 0% open rate. 30% open rate is very good, as well as 3% click rate is very good. These are typical numbers for newsletters.

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    The point is the service is not as good as they suggest. No mansplaining can change that, Adrian.

    Plugin Support Bruna a11n


    Hi @ruezie,

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It’s sad to hear it’s not a good one, but we’re always willing to listen to our users and improve where we can, especially when it comes to the support provided by our team.

    You’ve mentioned our plugin description regarding deliverability.

    Our global deliverability rate is 98.5%, often exceeding industry standards.

    Please note we’re talking about the emails sent by all users who are sending their emails through our servers. It doesn’t mean you’ll get 98.5% open rates on each newsletter you send from the MailPoet plugin, as there are multiple reasons this is not a realistic open rate number.

    You need to take into account that people may miss your email, that open rates are not 100% accurate because of machine-opens and other settings on particular email clients, that the content of emails may vary and affect your rates, as well as your marketing strategy, sending frequency, time of the sending, etc.

    As @adrian2k7, a 30% open rate is a very high rate and good enough when compared to the average email open rate across all industries.

    We’re sorry if the information about our sending service deliverability rates gave you the wrong expectation about our service. I can assure you this is not our intention and that the plan you’re using has no relation to your deliverability or opened/clicked rates.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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