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  • Hi there,

    I’m having trouble exporting my wordpress blog contents to move from one host to another, both are running v2.2.

    The export function seems a-ok and generates an xml file which is around 700k. It appears to only contain about half the posts & comments in the original blog, cutting off around January 2007. Opening the file in IE or an XML validator fails, so there’s some bad chars etc in there, but in the end the original file simply doesn’t contain all the posts. The content just stops, the file doesn’t even close tags properly.

    I’ve checked the server logs and can only see 200 codes when I run the export, so I assume wordpress also thinks everything is just fine.

    Is there something else obvious I should try? My next step is to tackle at the mySQL level, which I’d prefer to avoid if I’m able.


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  • Just in case anyone else stumbles upon similar pain…

    I stumbled upon something really useful on this topic which amongst other things suggested deleting all spam comments.

    I ran a simple delete script from within phpMyAdmin along the lines of:
    DELETE FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_approved=’spam’;

    I re-ran the export from wordpress and all my posts seem to be intact.

    No idea what the problem is, but it might be worth a shot for anyone struggling with the same.

    I too have found that my exported xml files have been truncated. I have posts ranging from 2001 – 2007 but its only doing about the first 4 years worth. All of the recent posts are not being written to the xml file.

    Is there a limit of how many posts can be exported?

    Hi – I’m checking to see if anyone found a solution to this problem? I have the same issue – when i hit the Export button an XML file is generated by only captures about 6 months worth of posts (vs a 24-month archive).

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