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  • WordPress Simple Firewall is truly a ‘must have’ plugin for all websites. Helps a lot!!

    WP Simple Firewall, which might be simple to use, but is actually very comprehensive and includes many useful options. WP Simple Firewall has a great way to block bots from posting spam and also requires that even “humans” .. wait a certain period of time (such as 5 seconds, 10 seconds, etc.) before they can submit a comment, .. and it can also require that the visitors checks off a specific box to indicate that they are in-fact a real person.

    It has many other features as well. I use WP Simple Firewall on every one of my websites (in addition to other security measures that I also implement), and after adding WP Simple Firewall .. everything is just perfect.

    The developer is also very responsive and helpful.

    Gary Gordon (

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  • Hi Gary,

    As I’m thinkin’ about using this security plugin, I was just wondering: what other security measures do you implement?

    Marc Bijl


    I actually run a couple security plugins (one of which is always WP Simple Firewal and the other is BPS Pro). The developers of both apps are GREAT. They 1. know their stuff. 2. are great supporters of their plugins. So you’re in wonderful hands.

    I also manually make security enhanced changes to the .htaccess files (a few) and the wp-config.php file. The manual changes just take things a bit further and are customized on a site by site basis.

    But these two plugins do a great job. Then, with BPS Pro, there’s follow up on a regular basis that is needed to just check on things, make adjustments as plugins are added or removed, etc.

    I hope this info helps.
    Gary Gordon (WPBNS)

    Hi Gary,

    Thnx for all the info, great!
    I’ve been looking at Bulletproof too. Can you please explain (for a non-geek) why you additionally use Bulletproof? What does it more/better than WP Simple Firewall? And what about performance?

    Thank you in advance,


    Well .. Bulletproof Security Pro actually does a lot of things differently (or additionally). BPS Pro creates a really strong .htaccess file, it also protects the plugins folder and other folders very well (and beyond what WP Simple Firewall does). There is overlap between the two. And you don’t want to duplicate things, so you’ll need to be aware of this as you’re using them.

    You have to understand. I’m very, very concerned with security and protection of my sites. The very last thing I want to happen is to lose something that I can’t get back. The second to last thing I want to happen is to get hacked into.

    Therefore, I have searched and tested many things. I also use two different backup systems for most of the sites that I manage and maintain. Just in case one should fail, I use two to be fully safe. But I actually have a 3rd as well. LOL

    I know I didn’t give you everything you would have wanted in your answer, but hopefully I gave you enough to get you going.

    You may, if you’re concerned about these things (as I am) to bring someone on board to help you (which is why my client’s bring me on board). I’m sure you can find someone out there who will help you.

    Good luck,

    Hi Gary,

    Thnx again for the info, I’ll take it into consideration when making my decision.

    Last question, if you don’t mind… I just watched a video with some clear explanation about WP All in One Security:

    Did you test this plugin, and -if yes- can you say something about it? The plugin looks robust to me too…


    Yes, I did test “All in One Security”. Nothing bad to say about them.

    To be honest, what kept me with WP Simple Firewall .. was there was less overlap with Bulletproof Security Pro (which is my bible of security plugins), PLUS .. big plus .. the support from WP Simple Firewall is excellent.

    So .. I didn’t need WP Simple Firewall to do everything under the sun, since I use in combination with BPS Pro. Personal recommendation is to use these two and not any other single choice. But that’s just my feeling.


    Thnx Gary!

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